Ordering Samples

Ordering a sample from us is simple. You can send a inquiry to us by Email(sales@allimprint.com) for the quantity and then proceeding with our standard checkout process. For OEM products, please provide us with the product model number and any addition requirements, such as packaging and logo design. We will then manufacture the samples and ship them to you. Typical production lead time for samples is about 7 days after payment has been received but may vary significantly due to product design and customer’s specific requirement. Please contact our sales department for more detail.

The following steps should be taken when you are looking to order an OEM sample from us:

1. Find the product you are interested in and note down the model number we provide.
2. Get in touch with our sales representatives, informing them of your intention to order a sample of your desired model.
3. If your product is OEM or ODM with further requirements, please be sure to provide as much detail as possible.
4. We will then manufacture the samples before shipping them to you. Please note that products with significantly varied requests will take longer to produce and may well extend the traditional lead time.

Ordering a sample from us is a great way for you begin our working relationship. Through this method, you will be able to see the passion and professionalism with which we conduct our business. With this short trial, we are confident that we can prove our worth to you as a reliable supplier and business partner.

Could I get free samples?
We supply free samples if the total value under 5 US dollars .If you have a DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx account or other courier freight collectable account and agree to pay the courier freight.
If the total value of samples is more than 5 US dollars, we’d like to ask you to pay for the samples and courier freight. We will send the samples to you after receipt of your payment.
If you don’t have an courier account, you can send your courier to collect samples from our company. Or,send us the samples charge together with the courier cost by Paypal/Western Union/T T.

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